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Senior Information

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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

Click here for the Senior Fall Classroom Lesson PowerPoint for important information.

Click here for the Senior Spring Classroom Lesson PowerPoint for important information.

  1. High School Transcript Requests – ALL transcript requests will now be handled through an online system called Parchment.  The link is on the SAHS home page
  2. AICE Transcripts – Are NOT needed for college admissions applications.  Colleges will make the admissions decision without AICE scores.  I will provide an electronic Cambridge Transcript form around March 1st for students to complete to send ONE Cambridge transcript to the college they will be attending ONLY.
  3. SAT/ACT Schedule – If students need to re-take the SAT or ACT, please do it soon!!!  SAT & ACT scores can be sent to colleges even after the admissions application deadlines.  Colleges will consider new scores as they are received if their admissions decisions have not been announced.  SAT & ACT score reports MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY FROM THE SAT & ACT WEBSITES, not from SAHS
  4. Community Service Hours Form – My advice to the seniors – GET YOUR HOURS TURNED IN BY DECEMBER!!!  You can always turn in more after that, but Bright Futures will do an initial eligibility in January when they receive the first semester report card, so it’s best to have the hours show up by that time.  Final eligibility will be determined from their final transcript – so more hours can be added, but why stress???
  5. Bright Futures Application – I will meet Mr. Benyacko’s classrooms in the media center in October and we will complete the Bright Futures application together.  The application is not available to the seniors until after October 1st each year.
  6. College Applications – GET GOING ON THEM NOW!!  FSU and UF application deadlines are both November 1st. And the other colleges are right behind that!  For several colleges, students will self-report their high school courses & grades (no transcript sent), which they can get from their transcript on Home Access – DO NOT GUESS ON THIS!!!  IF they are accepted into those universities, that’s when they want a transcript, but not now.  For all others a transcript must be sent THROUGH PARCHMENT as part of the application. 
  7. Fee Waivers – are available for the SAT & ACT for students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch – even if you don’t use that program (up to 2 per test, fyi, in case you used them last year).  If you have ever used a waiver for the SAT or ACT, or if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you are also eligible for a college admissions application fee waivers – as many as you need!  Please let me know if you qualify and need any waivers.
  8. Graduation Recognition (Val, Sal, Magna, Suma, etc.) is all determined at the time first semester grades are posted.  There is not enough time to figure all of that out at the end of the year with final transcript info. before the actual graduation ceremony!  So their class rank/GPA at the end of first semester will determine those honors FOR THE GRADUATION CEREMONY!  It may change on paper by the end of the year – but will not change what happens at the graduation ceremony, so watch those grades!!!
  9. Scholarships – after college applications are done – start looking into these.  Check the Guidance Website for the Scholarship Bulletin often – we update it constantly! This will provide information about local scholarship opportunities and provide the link to the applications. Those that require paper applications will be included in the Scholarship Information Bin in the Guidance office. Also websites like,, – NEW – RAISE.ME.COM and many other websites are excellent ways to find scholarships.  Also, check the college websites for whatever college you are applying to and find any scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen.  Most deadlines for these scholarships happen BEFORE you know if you’re accepted to that college – but they will sort that out in the end.  Look at the college in general, as well as the specific college for your major (college of engineering, education, etc.).  The SAHS Guidance website will have a Scholarship bulletin which will be updated weekly – starting usually in October sometime.  
  10. College and/or Major Search – Two websites I’ve found that have a LOT of info. to help with both of these searches: and give them a try!
  11. FAFSA – this is the Federal form for Financial Aid that must be completed by each student/parent. Visit
  12. NO SENIOR-ITIS – I reminded everyone that college admissions decisions are CONDITIONAL and can always be RESCINDED if they don’t like what they see on a final transcript.  I’ve seen it happen and it’s NOT fun!!  So please encourage your senior to stay focused & keep their grades up!!

I’m sure there was more we discussed – but that should cover most of it!! 

Please make sure all senior students/parents are getting these emails, and if not have them email me so I can add them to the list.   And, as always, let me know if there are any questions.


Dena K. Bechtle
Cambridge AICE School Counselor
St. Augustine High School

Ph. 904-547-8533
[email protected]

Cambridge Electronic Transcript Form 2019 (click title to open)

CIE Transcript Request Instructions  (click title to open)

Students may request ONE AICE Transcript which will go to the college/university where they have been accepted and have decided to attend. This is NOT to be used during the college application process. So please do NOT submit a transcript request unless you are POSITIVE of the college you will be attending!

Cambridge will initially send out a transcript with your exam results from all exam sessions, except the June 2016 exam session.  Then in August, when the June 2016 exam session results are available, they will send ANOTHER transcript to the SAME SCHOOL with everything!

Students need to know their candidate number, and follow the instructions on the above form.  There is no charge for the transcript, and the transcript will only include exams that you PASSED.

When students go to their orientation appointments – please make sure that you do NOT schedule any classes for which you may earn credit-by-exam in the June 2016 exam session.  You’ll be registering for 2nd semester courses around the beginning of November, so by then the school will have your exam results from the June 2016 exam session and you can register for whatever you need.

The AICE Diploma Award information will also come out in August 2016 with the exam results.  So, if you find out that you earned the AICE Diploma Award, and that gives you more money towards your tuition, you will need to go to your Financial Aid office at the college and ask them to access the Bright Futures Update.  EVEN IF YOU KNOW YOU’VE ALREADY PASSED ENOUGH EXAMS TO EARN THE AICE DIPLOMA, AND THEREFORE, THE TOP LEVEL OF BRIGHT FUTURES – CAMBRIDGE STILL HAS TO INFORM BRIGHT FUTURES BEFORE YOU GET THE MONEY!!! 

Students will need to ask the financial aid office at the college to “defer payment” if there is a payment amount on your account that would be reduced after the AICE Diploma Award info. comes out. Then when the AICE Diploma info. is available, and you go ask the Financial Aid office to access the Bright Futures Update – they’ll see that you earned the AICE Diploma Award and will apply the additional Bright Futures Money to your account before calculating any remaining balance.


Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533

[email protected]