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The Cambridge AICE Program at St. Augustine High School
Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle
(904) 547-8533
[email protected]

AICE Exams Officer/Guidance Clerk
Gail Godzich
(904) 547-8523
[email protected]



AICE English Language 1: Andrea Thamdrup, Lisa Mahoney

AICE English Lang. 1 (for non-AICE Seniors): Susan Hampson
AICE English Language 2: Megan Young
AICE English Literature 1: Leea Galloza
AICE English Literature 2: Scott Benyacko
AICE General Paper: John Blackford, Tiffany Kirkland, and Katie McHale


AICE Math: Chip Johnston & Chelsea Baker
AP Calculus AB & BC: Chip Johnston
Statistics Honors and AP Statistics: Chelsey Baker

Social Studies

AICE International History: Christine Mars, Adam Bagby
AICE US History: Rachel Herrera-West, Danielle Babineau
AICE European History: Christine Mars
AICE Global Perspectives: Danielle Babineau
AICE Geography: William Richardson


Pre-AICE Biology: Cheryl Morrison
AICE Biology: Carla Isicoff
Pre-AICE Chemistry: Curt Stewart
AICE Chemistry: Curt Stewart
AICE Physics: Nathaniel Wuellner

AICE Physical Education: Brian Braddock
AICE Environmental Management, AICE Marine Science: John Daniello
AICE Psychology: Steve Ladwig (Social Science, does not count as a high school science credit)

Foreign Language

Pre-AICE Spanish 1: Suzanne Stauble
Pre-AICE Spanish 2: Dinah Hernandez
Pre-AICE Spanish 3: Nazli Kayan
AICE Spanish Language: Nazli Kayan
Pre-AICE French 1 – Pre-AICE French 3:
AICE French Language:


Pre-AICE Art & Design: Melanie Forsythe, Susan Smith, & Alex McKean
AICE Digital Media & Design: Melanie Forsythe
AP Studio Art 2D Design – Digital: Melanie Forsythe
AICE Art & Design Draw/Paint 1 & 2: Alex McKean
AICE Art & Design Ceramics 1 & 2: Susan Smith
Pre-AICE Drama: Michael Beaman



Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533
[email protected]

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