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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre


Click here for the 2022-2023 ACT and SAT Dates

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 SAT/ACT Test Information

ALL juniors should be taking the SAT and/or ACT at least once during their junior year. Recommendations are to take each at least twice if possible (Fee waivers are available for any student who qualifies for Free or Reduced lunch – see Mrs. Bechtle if this is needed). The reason for taking each one twice is that:

1) some students do better on one or the other;
2) when most students take it the first time & look at their scores, they decide that maybe they need to study and take it again! It is also best to take it towards the end of the school year (at least for the 2nd time) at the end of some of the upper level coursework they’re taking.

The schedule of when the tests are available is on their websites. When you register for the SAT ( or ACT (, the websites provide a lot of FREE study help as well. If students will use it, that may be all they need. Some students figure out that it might be more helpful for them to take a class with a teacher than to depend on themselves to go through the tutorials and practice tests available online – which is where the Prep course offered by one of our AICE Parents, Ralph Ingwersen, comes in.  See SAT Prep Florida in the next section.

Another SAT/ACT Prep website that has been recommended is But again…google “SAT, ACT Prep online” and I’m sure you’ll come up with some ideas, many of which are free.

SAT Prep Florida

Dear St. Johns County Students and Parents,

I am the course instructor and President of Test Prep for Success, LLC. A great deal of you may know me as “Mister I the SAT Guy.”  Numerous St. Johns County schools are hosts for the upcoming SAT Prep Florida and ACT Prep Florida sessions.   Enrollment for these courses will be limited to 30 students at each location. All St. Johns County School students receive a $100 discount on the SAT program (even if they don’t attend the sessions at their school).  Any student who takes the SAT classes receives $100 off the ACT program (and vice-versa). Retakes for each program are always free but you must reserve a seat. Please review this information, and call me directly at (904) 377-8437 to enroll (or re-enroll) in this program.  Payment may then be made online (I will provide the promo code necessary to receive the discount) or by check. I welcome any questions about my program, or the SAT, PSAT, ACT, or other tests in general.

Score increase guaranteed or your money back!
Complete class schedules and info online at

Thank you,
Ralf Ingwersen – Mister I the SAT Guy
Test Prep for Success, LLC
21 Deanna Drive
St. Augustine, FL. 32080
(904) 377-8437 [email protected]

SAT and ACT Prep tools through PLATO/Edmentum

In an effort to ensure that all students have access to the SAT and ACT Prep tools through PLATO/Edmentum, we have created a course in the PLATO/Edmentum accounts for each student in Grades 10, 11, and 12. These courses are meant for study tools only. Participation in the course is voluntary. Please see the flyer for log in information. Edmentum Study Tools Flyer

NCAA Registration Process for Student Athletes

Student Atheletes: Please read the information at this link and make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the procedures and make sure you are completely registered on NCAA’s website. A completed registration is REQUIRED in order for student athletes to be recruited by colleges! So make sure you pay close attention and complete everything required! This is NOT a quick process – so start early!!

TRANSCRIPTS – in the NCAA registration process, there will be a form to download & print, which you will need to complete & submit to Ms. Ard (Guidance Secretary) to have your high school transcript sent.  WE DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY SUBMIT ATHLETE TRANSCRIPTS!!!!!!  You must submit a request form!!!!

Please share this information with any student athlete you know of!

Dual Enrollment Courses for AICE Students

Dual Enrollment courses are offered at SAHS and can be incorporated into an AICE Program schedule.

When used properly, DE courses can help earn college credits in high school and demonstrate a student’s ability to handle a college level course, potentially helping to make them more competitive for college admissions. This is also accomplished by taking AICE & AP courses.

Any questions about Dual Enrollment, please e-mail Ms. Maltby at [email protected].

My College Quick Start

Maybe you’ve had some ideas about what to major in at college. Maybe you’re still exploring. Either way, My College QuickStart™ can help. As a PSAT/NMSQT® test-taker, you get exclusive access to this free tool. So take advantage and check out the My Majors & Careers section—with personalized recommendations just for you.

With My College QuickStart, you can:

  • Take a personality test to help identify your major and career interests.
  • Browse descriptions of college majors and discover what college study is like.
  • Access profiles of specific careers and learn how you can prepare for the work that interests you.
  • Find out what professionals and college students say about their work and their majors.

Go to My College QuickStart and visit My Majors & Careers.


Cambridge AICE Guidance Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533
[email protected]