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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

June 2024 AICE Exam Student Schedule

Exam Letter June 2024

  For those of you who have not been through the Cambridge exam sessions before (and a refresher for those who have), I will come into the AICE English classrooms with the following information:

  1. Individual Statement of Entry – each student will receive this statement, indicating exactly what exams I have “entered” them to take with the dates and either “AM” or “PM” for each one.  I will ask students to review the information I’ve entered for them and verify that it is correct, plus put the exam dates/times into their phone, planner, etc.
  2. Remember that each subject exam will involve more than one “Paper” – meaning that there will be 2+ times that each subject will appear on the exam schedule (i.e., Paper 1, Paper 2, etc.). So students need to make sure to add EACH PAPER to their calendar.
  3. The exact exam times & locations will be finalized after I receive corrections and any re-take orders.  This is also when I will allow for any students who have overlapping exams on a given morning or afternoon.
  4. The exam dates are determined by Cambridge and CANNOT BE CHANGED.
  5. There are NO MAKE-UP exam dates…which is why I’m sending it out now.  Please make sure to consult this schedule when making summer vacation plans, College Orientation plans, etc. Students MUST “sit for” (TAKE) the Cambridge Exam associated with their AICE course in order to complete the course!! 
  6. Students are required to take the Cambridge exam that corresponds with their AICE level courses.  This is how they “complete” a Cambridge course.
  7. An “Exam Letter” will also be included at that time which parents must READ, SIGN AND RETURN to me.  This letter clarifies the Cambridge “rules” about exams and will also have a “re-take” order section at the bottom of the letter.

If there is ever a question about when/where an exam is taking place – the AICE Exam schedule will be posted to the AICE Website (website address below my signature), so students and parents can always access it there.  But I will give students a hard copy of the preliminary exam schedule, as well as a FINAL version of the exam schedule. But remember, the DATES & TIMES (AM or PM) WILL NOT CHANGE!!!

I’ll send more information in an email in January after the Statements of Entry are distributed & let parents know what I discussed with students re: Cambridge rules, procedures for exams, locations, etc., but please let me know if there are any questions on this info. at this time, ok?

 For those of you unfamiliar with reading an AICE Exam schedule – here are a couple of tips:

  1. Students enrolled in AICE level courses will take exams associated with that course.  AS Level courses are the first year of that subject (i.e. AICE English Lit. 1, or AICE English Language 1).  AL (A Level) courses typically show up on the student’s schedule as a level “2” course (i.e., AICE English Literature 2) because an A Level course is the 2nd year of study in the same subject.
  2. ALL AICE exams have more than one “Paper” – or “test” –  belonging to that subject.  So please make sure you are finding ALL of the Papers associated with each subject/course.  If there is a question about this for a specific subject – students should ask their teachers what Papers they will be taking so that they can find all of the dates associated.

Students should plan to arrive AT THE TESTING LOCATION at least 15 minutes PRIOR to the start time indicated on the Exam Schedulewith their ID and NO BACKPACKS, PURSES AND CELL PHONES.

Please note that morning exams START at 8:45, so students will need to arrange for rides in order to get to school with enough time to put backpacks away and check in at the testing location by no later than 8:30am.

NOTE!!  Any course for which there is a Cambridge Exam in the Spring 2022 Exam session, will NOT have a final exam.  Taking the Cambridge Exam is in lieu of their final – so IT IS REQUIRED!!! 

AICE students who do not attend all Papers for each exam will: 

1) Be required to pay for the exam
2) Be required to arrange to take an alternate final exam with their teacher
3) Have their 2nd semester grade re-calculated to include the results of that alternate final exam
4) Not be able to use that course when calculating completion of all of the GRADUATION requirements under the AICE curriculum Rules
5) Not get their diploma until they have paid for the exam, and it is determined whether or not they meet graduation requirements

And as always – please let me know if you have any questions – and study hard!!!

Dena K. Bechtle
Cambridge AICE Guidance Counselor
St. Augustine High School


Dear Parents,

There are 2 AICE Exam sessions each year and it seems that I run into problems with “Invigilators” (UK Term for “Proctor” or “Administrator”) each time. So I wondered if there might be some parents who would be interested & willing to train to be a Cambridge Exam Invigilator?

Training involves simply reviewing a power point and being aware of the basic “rules” of “invigilation”. It’s very easy once you’ve helped out in an exam session at least once or twice.

Obviously, parents couldn’t be an invigilator during an exam that their child is taking – but we can work around that.

Please let me know if anyone is interested and/or available and I can send out the power point via e-mail. I would really appreciate any help I can get – and all that my “AICE Parents” do for the kids & the program!



Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533
[email protected]