Staff Directory

Administration   (904) 547-8530

Dr. Graham Principal Email
Ms. Wyatt Executive Secretary Email   (904) 547-8510
Ms. Davis Assistant Principal Email
Ms. Lee Assistant Principal Email
Ms. Wimpelberg Registrar Email
Mr. Hazel Maintenance Coordinator Email
Mr. Lipovetsky Athletic Director Email
Ms. Gaynor Career Specialist Email
Ms. Riskus Cafeteria Manager Email


Ms. Bost Dean Clerk Email (904) 547-8848
Ms. Cortes Dean of Attendance Email
Ms. James Dean  (Grades 10 and 12) Email
Mr. Teuscher Dean  (Grades 9 and 11) Email
Deputy  Goodman SAHS Resource Officer Email

Support Personnel

Mr. Crews Athletic Trainer
Mr. Ellis Campus Security
Ms. Evans Computer Operator
Ms. Hunter Attendance Email
Ms. McHenry Bookkeeper
Mr. Kizewski Technology Specialist
Ms. Queen Nurse
Ms. Naughton Testing Coordinator
Mrs. Griffiths Front Office Secretary (904) 547-8530
Mr. Smith Parking Lot Attendant

Career & Technical Education

Dr. Masson Aerospace
Mr. Daugherty Aerospace
Mr. Rutledge Criminal Justice
Mr. Westall Law / Homeland Security


Ms. Richardson Guidance Secretary  Email  (904) 547-8831
Ms. Barber Students Last Name H-P  Email
Ms. Bechtle AICE Students  Email
Ms. Bennett Students Last Name Q-Z  Email
Ms. Cashwell Students Last Name A-G  Email
Ms. Godzich AICE Paraprofessional  Email

Language Arts

Mr. Benyacko Language Arts Teacher
Mr. Blackford Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Brennan Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Galloza Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Hall Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Havey Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Hampson Language Arts Teacher
Mr. Kennedy Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Latka Reading Resource Teacher
Ms. Lykins Language Arts Teacher
Ms. O’Steen Reading Resource Teacher
Ms. Stinson Reading Resource Teacher
Ms. Thamdrup Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Thomas Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Ways Reading Resource Teacher
Ms. Willis Reading Resource Teacher
Ms. Wood Language Arts Teacher
Ms. Young Language Arts Teacher, Department Chair

Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

Ms. Arnold ESE Teacher (Gifted Consultative Teacher)
Ms. Arnow ESE Teacher
Mr. R. Baker ESE Teacher
Ms. Boyd ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Burgess ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Downing ESE DHH
Ms. Elswick ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Ferrell ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Hazel EBD Paraprofessional
Ms. Holland ESE Teacher
Mr. Holleman ESE EBD Teacher
Ms. Kelley ESE Teacher
Ms. Kilpatrick ESE EBD Teacher
Mr. Linville ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Maier ESE Teacher
Ms. Rogers ESE Teacher
Ms. Rollins ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. S. D. Smith ESE Teacher
Ms. Sohn ESE Teacher
Ms. Swestyn ESE Teacher
Ms. Tiner ESE Teacher
Ms. Vance ESE Teacher
Ms. Vera EBD Paraprofessional
Mr. Wallace ESE Teacher

Virtual Lab / Plato-Edmentum Lab / Grade Recovery / ISS

Ms. Fineran Virtual Assistant / Athletic Secretary
Mr. Wright Virtual Lab Technician


Ms. C. Baker Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Braddock Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Johnston Mathematics Teacher, Department Chair
Ms. McPeake Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Miska Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Major Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Pearson Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Ranick Mathematics Teacher
Ms. B. Smith Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Sohn Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Williams Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Wilson Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Wilcox Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Wrobel Mathematics Teacher
Ms. Yow Mathematics Coach

Media Center

Ms. Bennett Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Woodall (Macclary) Instructional Coach
Ms. Rimel Media Specialist

Performing Arts

Mr. Beaman Drama Teacher, Department Chair
Mr. Brewer Music Teacher
Mr. Dodd Music Teacher
Mr. Peters Music Teacher, Band Director
Ms. Schippani Dance Teacher

Physical Education / Health / Teen Leadership

Mr. Cooper P.E. Teacher
Mr. Esguerra HOPE, Department Chair
Ms. H. Richardson P.E. Teacher


1st Sgt. Brown ROTC Teacher
Major Reynolds ROTC Teacher, Department Chair


Ms. Atic Science Teacher
Mr. Daniello Science Teacher, Webmaster
Mr. Gobeyn Science Teacher
Ms. Hedley Science Teacher
Ms. Isicoff Science Teacher
Mr. Ladwig Science Teacher
Ms. Morrison Science Teacher
Mr. Stewart Science Teacher
Mrs. Willis Science Teacher, Department Chair

Social Studies

Ms. Babineau Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Bagby Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Collins Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Edwards Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Herrera Social Studies Teacher, AVID Lead Teacher
Mr. Hodapp Social Studies Teacher
Ms. Mars Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Richardson Social Studies Teacher, Department Chair
Mr. Simpson Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Tilton Social Studies Teacher

Visual Arts

Ms. Forsythe Art Teacher
Ms. Mckean Art Teacher
Ms. S.L. Smith Art Teacher, Department Chair

World Language

Ms. Benchabounne World Language Teacher
Ms. Hurd World Language Teacher
Ms. Kayan World Language Teacher
Ms. Schad World Language Teacher
Ms. Stauble World Language Teacher, Department Chair

Due to security risks teacher email addresses are no longer on this site.  Please use schoology.