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As of 1997, federal law mandates that students with disabilities who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) must begin a process called transition planning at age 14.  This program is designed to connect students with the proper transition planning services that give them the important skills and career planning tools to better prepare them for a successful life after high school, whether it be in a college setting or in the community.

Goal:  The Parent Advisory Committee is bringing together the school system and community based organizations in order to better support students that are beginning or already involved in transition planning.

Take Away:  Students and families will know more about transition planning services available at schools and in our community.

Action Steps:  Make appointments with community groups that can help students reach their goals or support the family during the transition planning process.

Target Audience:

  • Parents of students with disabilities
  • Students with disabilities age 14 and up
  • Teachers & administrators of students with disabilities

The purpose of the committee is to provide input to district staff regarding our ongoing effort to continuously improve services for students with disabilities.
Parents, Educators, Administrators, & Business Representatives are invited and encouraged to attend.

 St. Johns County School District
Exceptional Student Education Department
40 Orange Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084