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Athletic Clearance

In order for a student-athlete to participate with any athletic team at SAHS they must register with the FHSAA sponsored online paperless eligibility system,, thus making printing forms and turning them in to the school obsolete. The physical form (EL2) will still need to be printed and signed by the physician and then uploaded to their FHSAA account. The EL3 (Consent to treat form), NFHS: Concussion in Sports, Pursuing Victory with Honor Agreement, Code of Conduct and Insurance Information will also be filled out online in Athletic Clearance. 


Instructions for Parents/Guardians: Register using any computer, tablet or smartphone device.

  1. Go to, select Florida, then find St. Augustine High School

  2. Create an Account: The video on this screen will provide instructions. Begin creating your (Parent/Guardian) account by clicking the “Register” button. After filling in the required information, the next screen will provide an activation code. Please enter that numeric code and click “Submit”.

2a. Use your already created username and password to sign-in.

  1. Add Athlete Information: Click the “Start Clearance” button in the middle of the page.

  2. Choose 2022-2023; Select St. Augustine High School; Select Sport. (You can add more sports at a later time).

  3. Enter Student Information: Complete all fields. Grade level for 2022-2023. “Save”

  4. Input Parent/Guardian Information: Please fill out all applicable information. This information will also print on the student emergency card. “Submit”

  5. Submit Student Medical History: This information will be utilized to generate student emergency cards and provided to the medical personnel in the event of an emergency. “Save”

  6. Upload EL2 Physical Form: Upload the fully executed FHSAA EL2 Form. This form must be signed by the student, parent and physician, and be 100% complete.

  7. Signature Items: Parent and students must read the mandatory documents and submit signatures.

  8. Apply this Clearance to Additional Sports: The student may now apply this information to other team sports.

  9. Additional Athletes: Under the same account, repeat steps 3-11 to register additional athletes in your family.