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10/19 Monday: Pajama Day

10/ 20 Tuesday: Character Day

10/21 Wednesday: Color War!  9- red; 10- blue; 11-white; 12- black

10/22 Thursday: Music Genres:  9-Country; 10th-Rock and Roll; 11-  Disco; 12- Rap

10/23 Friday: Jacket Spirit Day, Football Game

No Dance on Friday due to COVID Guidelines from District.


Jacket Skits:  Wednesday in the Gym during 6th-7th periods (students must show teachers the purchase receipt to attend),  $3 to attend (Visit Schoolpay for tickets). 200 tickets max. All students wishing to perform need to purchase ticket and complete the Performers Form here. “Survival” theme should be included in all skits. Skits may be created by anyone who wishes to participate in groups of 10 or less. Skits may not exceed 5 minutes in length. Anyone wishing to participate in Jacket Skits should complete the Microsoft form.

There will be a door-decorating contest for 4th period. Doors must be complete by 5th period on Thursday and the Theme: Halloween Winners receive a Chic-Fil-La lunch in their 4th period class.

Homecoming Court: Nomination QR Codes are around school! Students may nominate this week and official voting will be next week. Winners will be announced on Thursday afternoon and honored during Half-Time at the Football game on Friday.