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Junior Information

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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

Click here for the Junior Fall Classroom Lesson PowerPoint for important information.

Click here for the Junior Spring Classroom Lesson PowerPoint for important information.

  1. Students WILL graduate from high school even if they DON’T earn the AICE Diploma Award
  2.  Bright Futures:  Community Service hours required – 100 hours to earn the Florida Academic Scholars Award level (FAS – top award level).  If a student earns the AICE Diploma Award, and they have LOGGED at least 100 community service hours, they automatically qualify for the FAS and Bright Futures will waive the SAT/ACT score requirement AND the GPA requirement!!!!
  3. Fall Exam Session – only those 11th grade students who did not pass an AICE level exam (not a Pre-AICE) during the Spring 2021 Exam session and wishes to re-take it.  Students need to bring an Exam Letter home and bring it back with a parent signature and payment (or it’s attached to this email).
  4.  NEW WAY TO PAY – Re-take Exam fees can now be paid online by going to !!
  5.  PSAT for Juniors:  National Merit Scholarship Eligibility is pulled from Juniors who take the PSAT (this is the one they all took last year).  SAHS automatically gives the PSAT to 10th graders, and 11th graders can take it by paying the $15.00 exam fee to Ms. Raimann or Ms. Galloza.  The PSAT will be on Oct. 13th, so watch for information re: paying to take it within the next couple of weeks.  National Merit Scholars are a BIG DEAL to colleges and they will come looking for the student – offering LOTS OF MONEY!!  So if you feel you can do really well on the PSAT – it’s WELL worth the $15!!
  6. 9 weeks grade conferences:  I will run grades after the 1st 9th weeks.  Any student who has 3 or more C’s will receive a pass to come & meet with me to discuss grades, what they’re doing to improve, etc. 
  7. AICE Student Tutors:  Students who are interested in providing tutoring to other AICE students gave me their name/contact info. by subject.  As I get requests for tutoring I will provide the appropriate subject list to the student and they will contact the AICE student Tutor to arrange a date/time/place for the tutoring.  Student tutors will get community service hours for helping!!!  Please ask your student if they signed up for this – and let me know if you do NOT want your student to be a tutor.  Please keep in mind that non-AICE students will use this tutor list too.
  8.  SAT/ACT:  ALL JUNIORS MUST TAKE AT LEAST ONE SAT AND/OR ACT DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR!!!!   I handed out the SAT/ACT schedule – students register for these exams directly on the SAT & ACT websites and if the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, they are eligible for up to 2 fee waivers for each test!!  Please contact me for waivers.  If a student does not take at least one of these tests this year, they will be in danger of missing a college application deadline at the beginning of their senior year!! 
  9. Study help for SAT/ACT is available through the respective websites or students can access an online SAT prep course through Khan Academy who has partnered with SAT, offering a FREE online SAT Prep course at!! 
  10. Go to and register to see an individual student’s high school courses & grades with a comparison to where they stand for eligibility for the Bright Futures awards.
  11. SAVE THE DATE!!  AICE Induction Ceremony will be Thurs. Oct. 29th.  The AICE Induction Ceremony is when JUNIORS are officially inducted into the AICE Program (official invite will be sent out in early October).  This is a BIG NIGHT for the juniors!!  Not only will SAHS administration be there, but several of our District level personnel, Dr. Joyner, School Board Members, etc.  So please put this date on your calendars and plan to be there to be there to celebrate our Juniors!!


Cambridge AICE Guidance Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533
[email protected]