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Bright Futures and Scholarship Opportunities

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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre


The Cambridge AICE scholarship is for students who have volunteered their time to this prestigious program.  Applicants should have a minimum of 8 AICE courses completed or in process, a 3.0 weighted GPA, and documented volunteer time at AICE related activities (WHICH MAY include AICE Advisory Board meetings and events).  The recipient(s) will receive $500 in a one time, non-renewable scholarship award.  If you feel you are qualified, please submit the application, required documents, and essay no later than March 31, 2023, to Dena Bechtle in the SAHS school counseling office.

Check out the SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN for available scholarships.


Class of 2023 Requirements for Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS) / Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS)

Bright Futures Student Handbook 

2022-2023 Bright Futures Guidelines

2022-2023 Bright Futures Community Service Plan

2022-2023 Community Service Log

The A.I.C.E. Diploma Award is an internationally recognized AWARD for academic rigor

  • Must Pass seven (7) A/AS Level Exams
    • Minimum of 1 exam passed in each category
  • Automatically qualified for Florida Academic Bright Futures Scholarship (top level)
    • Must have 100 hours Community Service logged, 2 yrs. Foreign Lang.
    • GPA and ACT/SAT requirement waived

Instructions on how to complete your Bright Futures Application: FFAA Helpful Hints 

District Scholarship Page

Scholarships Page:

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Dan Rosenfield
American Educational Guidance Center


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Q: What is meant by disadvantaged?

A: We are looking for individuals with academic potential and who have a history of persevering through hardship. There is no income range specified for qualifying applicants because other challenging factors may be considered besides a shortage of finances.

Q: What is the amount of the average award?
A: The average award is $500.

Q: How many awards are given?
A: Usually there are 10 scholarships awarded each year.

Q: Can scholarship recipients be eligible for subsequent awards?
A: Yes, but they must reapply each year to be eligible.

Q: What are my chances of getting an award?
A: The FSCF program is competitive. The number and quality of applications vary, but generally we receive between 500 and 800 applications each year. Remember, you will only have a chance of receiving an award if you apply.

Q: Why does FSCF provide the scholarship program?
A: The check cashers that comprise FSCF are community-based businesses that are dedicated to giving resources back to the communities that support them.

Q: Must I be a high school student to apply?
A: College students may also apply. Most applicants are high school students who are in the process of applying to colleges. We do ask for proof of acceptance by a university or college prior to issuing any awards.

Q: Do I still qualify if I am accepted into a community college?
A: Yes

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Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533

[email protected]