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Transcript Requests

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The Cambridge AICE Program
at St. Augustine High School

Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

Hello 2023 Seniors!

This year we are using a new system for ordering transcripts that you may need to send to colleges as part of your admissions application.  To order transcripts, please go to the SAHS website.  You can request transcripts electronically and we will send them electronically through our new “secure” Parchment website.  Scroll down and it is a blue icon link that says “order my transcript”.

If the admissions application you’re completing asks you to “self-report” your high school courses and grades, you DO NOT need to send a transcript at this time.  Those schools (UF, FSU – don’t know if there are others…) will want your official transcript ONLY after you’ve been accepted.

NOTE:  Even though you may see an item on your status page that looks like the college is waiting on your AICE or AP Exam scores – these scores are NOT required for an admissions decision.  That note is there so that IF you end up attending that school, they know that you need to submit your scores.  Cambridge allows students to send more than one transcript of their AICE Exam scores. Students can send the official Cambridge Transcript whenever a college requires it using the links/information below. However, the public colleges in FL do NOT require an “official” Cambridge Transcript for admissions decisions, these scores should be self-reported in the space provided, or included in the academic accomplishments section of the college resume portion. If the college is not requiring the official Cambridge transcript during the admissions application process, students can wait until they have made their final decision about what college they will attend, and then submit the Transcript Request to Cambridge for their official transcript to be sent to that college only.

Good luck!

Dena K. Bechtle
Cambridge AICE Guidance Counselor
St. Augustine High School

Grade Transcript Service from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY

Students will need 1) their 4-digit candidate number (this can be found on any Cambridge Certificate they have received or Statement of Entry, Statement of Results, etc.), 2) our “Centre Number” (US 038) and 3) the exam sessions they are requesting results from (either June or November of each year they attended SAHS depending on which exam sessions they participated in).

Click here for US Transcript Services

Use the CIE Transcript Request Instructions below to understand how to track your transcript request and make sure your college receives it!

CIE Transcript Request Instructions



Cambridge AICE School Counselor
Dena Bechtle (904) 547-8533

[email protected]