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What is the AICE Program?

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Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Program

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Program offers a rigorous international pre-university curriculum and examination system which emphasizes the value of broad and balanced study for academically advanced students. Students following the AICE Curriculum for graduation purposes have different requirements than the standard 24 credit diploma requirements. Satisfying the AICE Curriculum for graduation requires that students complete a minimum number of AICE (college) level courses across a range of subjects. Completing the AICE Curriculum exempts students from having to take HOPE, Economics, Fine Arts and the online course as part of their graduation requirements. If, at any point during their high school career, a student is unwilling or unable to complete the AICE Curriculum, the previously exempted courses would then be required in order to graduate.

Students who earn the AICE Diploma Award from Cambridge, and have 100 community service hours logged, automatically qualify for the Florida Academic Scholars Award (highest level) of the Bright Futures Scholarship Program (SAT/ACT score and GPA requirements are waived).

The AICE Diploma Award is a group certificate which requires students to draw from three curriculum areas AND the Core. The “CORE” includes the required Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives course (details below).

AICE Program and AICE Diploma Award Requirements

AICE Program Requirements

To maintain membership in the Cambridge AICE Program, students must take a minimum of five academic credits each year of high school, including AICE and Pre-AICE level courses as required.
Completion of the AICE curriculum requires students to complete a minimum of seven AICE courses and sit for (take) the exams for each, with at least one course and exam being from each of the first three subject areas and Core (Interdisciplinary and Skills Based subjects are optional):

A. Math & Science:
Biology, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology*, Environmental Management*, Physical Education, Marine Science
B. Languages:
English Language, Spanish Language, French Language
C. Arts & Humanities:
Art & Design, Digital Media, English Literature I & II, US History, International History, European History, Psychology*, Environmental Management*
D. Core:
AS Level Global Perspectives
E. Interdisciplinary and Skills Based:
Thinking Skills, General Paper, Global Perspectives Independent Research Report (an optional extension of AS Global Perspectives)


These seven courses and examinations are completed from freshman through senior year.  Students who complete the curriculum and take the exams will be recognized as AICE Program Graduates.

AICE Diploma Award

In order to be on track toward completion of the AICE Diploma Award, you must complete the seven AICE courses (completion of an AICE course includes sitting for the exam) and pass a minimum of seven exams with at least one course and exam being from each of the three subject areas and the Core listed above. Students who pass the required seven exams, will earn the AICE Diploma Award.

Down load the Cambridge AICE Diploma Factsheet 2017 for more information.

AICE Planning Sheet Course Progression CO 2021

AICE Brochure

Florida’s public community colleges and universities award college credit for successfully passed exams. Read ACC Credit by Exam July 2017 to view the college course equivalents for passed exams.


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Cambridge AICE Counselor
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