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Class Registration and Scheduling


January 31, 2023-March 13, 2023 Student/Counselor Registration Meetings English Classes
Within 48 Hours of Registration Meetings Course Requests Uploaded  (Not a schedule) HAC
January 31, 2023-March 13, 2023


January 2023 – February 2023

Window to make course change requests for 2023-2024 school year

5th, 8th and 9th grade students apply for Career Academies


Contact your school counselor



August 2-9, 2023 View Student Schedule HAC
August 2-9, 2023 Make schedule change requests for academic courses ONLY Online form

(Link on the SAHS homepage)

Below are the ONLY APPROVED REASONS for a change to your schedule; (any other requests will not be considered)

  • You are in a class for which you have already received a passing grade
  • You are a senior and your schedule is missing a class you need for graduation
  • You have a hole in your schedule (missing a class during a period you are on campus)
  • You are missing the next course in the progression from a course already taken (For example: You passed Spanish 1 last year, but Spanish 2 is missing from your schedule.)

Schedule changes WILL NOT be approved for:

  • Teacher preference
  • Class period preference (this includes changing your modified period(s))
  • Lunch Preference
  • Students who do not meet Honors Criteria and request advanced level courses.

Please note the following:

  • Off campus SJRSC Dual Enrollment course will not be reflected on your SAHS schedule on the first day of school
  • Class periods and teachers MAY CHANGE through the first week of school, due to balancing of classes, however student course placement will not change.
  • Newly hired teachers may be represented by a placeholder on your student’s schedule. These placeholders will include non-instructional SAHS employees.
  • Please note that if you previously requested a course change and did not see any adjustments made, then your request was not approved. Do not submit another request as it will not be considered.
  • Room numbers on schedules could potentially change on schedules in the 1st few weeks of school.