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Annual Calendar



    • New student registrations
    • Senior credit checks and schedule review
    • LINK Crew Freshman Orientation
    • Schedule changes (core classes only)
    • ELL screening/placement/dismissal; ELL plan meetings
    • Update bulletin board (SAT/ACT info, college visits updates, scholarship info, volunteer opportunities)
    • AICE Classroom visits for 10 – 12th grade for Fall AICE Exam prep


    • SJCSD College & Career Fair
    • Q1 counseling classroom lessons through English classes (9th-12th) – Academic focus: Graduation requirements, GPA calculation, college/career planning, credit detail report distribution and explanation
    • Q1 credit checks with 10th and 11th grade students
    • COMPEL Program for ELL Students
    • College representative visits
    • AICE 9th grade classroom visits
    • SUS Conference


    • SAHS Financial Aid Night
    • College representative visits
    • AICE College Tour
    • Classroom lesson with AICE Seniors to complete Bright Futures applications
    • Mental Health presentation to all 9th grade students
    • PSAT and NCR ACT
    • Registration for Spring Dual Enrollment
    • FCTC Presentation to Seniors


  • Academic Letter Ceremony
  • AICE Induction Ceremony
  • AICE Movie Night
  • FCTC High School Showcase
  • FLYCA Presentation
  • Small Group – Study Skills
  • Small Group – Anger Management
  • Small Group – Anxiety


    • SJR Free Application Day
    • AICE Alumni Reunion Luncheon


    • AICE Q3 Classroom visits 9 – 12th, re: AICE Spring Exam Session & 2nd semester info. by grade level
    • Academy Nights
    • 2022-2023 Course Registration
    • Scholarship Workshop for seniors
    • #ACCEPTED T-shirts
    • Parent Information Night for Course Registration and Dual Enrollment


    • 2022-2023 Course Registration
    • Summer/Fall Dual Enrollment Registration
    • AICE Small group – test taking, test anxiety, stress management
    • AICE Spring College Tour
    • Teen Dating Violence Assemblies


    • 2022-2023 Course Registration (Middle Schools)
    • STAR Banquet
    • AICE Game Day
    • AICE Small group – test taking, test anxiety, stress management
    • FCTC and FLYCA presentations; identify students who could benefit


    • Senior Exit Survey
    • #ACCEPTED T-shirts
    • Summer/Fall Dual Enrollment Registration


    • Final senior checks for graduation
    • Senior Awards Night
    • Graduation
    • Summer School Enrollment
    • Registration for Fall Dual Enrollment courses
June – July


    • Summer registration appointments
    • Curriculum review for next year
    • Credit checks and planning for upcoming Seniors