This is the place where you can find any and all upcoming events taking place within the JROTC Jacket Battalion

           This year will be a busy one with many new events and J.P.A. ( J.R.O.T.C. Program for Accreditation). we are looking at different possibilities for community service that we can use all year long. J.P.A. is different from A.F.I. from the past years. Now it’s all about what we do for the battalion and the community instead of how good we look in uniform. Any ideas would be great.

            If you aren’t busy after school come down and support the Jacket Battalion by joining one of the special teams, Drill Team, Color Guard, and Raiders. For more Information about the teams contact The Special team once determined.

Every year the Jacket Battalion hosts a four day camp before school starts. This camp is called Basic Cadet Leadership Training or BCLT for short. This camp is very important for incoming cadets that decide to partake in it. The reason for this is that the cadets that pass the camp will receive knowledge, leadership skills and the rank if private after completion. The new cadets are taught by the older, or more experienced cadets in leadership positions for the upcoming year. They are taught rank system as well as the JROTC creed.

This year was a total of 17 cadets participated in the camp. Throughout the week they participated in multiple teambuilding exercises. Some of these included trying to get a full team of five through a web of ropes without touching any of the ropes or trying to untangle themselves without letting go of each other’s arms. They also experience like Drill & Ceremony and physical training or PT. All of these things they are taught over the week show a direct reflection in what we do in the JROTC program because we do PT every Friday, Drill and Ceremony every Thursday, and all the cadets in a company collaborate when First Sergeant Brown in not teaching a lesson.

Overall, the new cadets had a great time while gaining this experience symbolized by noting but smiles and laughs through the week. The biggest bonuses attending this camp was the knowledge and experience the new cadets  gain through the week about JROTC and how it functions. After all of their hard work, they are rewarded with a certificate of the completed training and the rank of private during and award ceremony put on by the chain of command. As preparations and training next year and the many years to come.


          Integrity first           
Service before self
              Excellence is all we do