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Tryout Information

2023-2024 Cheerleading Tryout Information


Zoom Parent Meeting on March 20th, 7pm. Please email [email protected] for the link

Tryouts will be held on March 27th and March 28th from 4-6pm.
27th-Cafeteria, 28th-gym

Please print or email this Tryout_Teacher_Reccomendation form to a teacher of your choice. It should be emailed back to [email protected] or brought back in a sealed envelope no later than Monday, March 27th at 4pm.

Please learn the following cheer, sideline, and dance below. All material will be practiced on the 27th. Tumbling can be practiced and performed at tryouts, but it is not required. All students will be interviewed by coaching staff between the 27th and the 28th.

Dance-with music

Dance-learn it with counts

Sideline: The words will change to “Jackets Unite-Go Maroon-Go White”-and then repeat. The call will be “Jackets Unite”. You don’t turn around in the middle of the sideline-that is just so you can learn the material.

Cheer: The words will change to “Jacket fans, stand up get loud. Who’s the team that makes your proud? S-A H-S, S-A H-S. Jacket fans, get on your feet. When we yell, you repeat. Maroon and Gold, Maroon and Gold. S-A H-S, Maroon and  Gold.” The call will be “Maroon and Gold.” When learning the cheer,  “A H” will replace “H”.

Learn the Cheer

Questions? Email us at [email protected]