Concussion Return to Play

Below you will find the AT18 document.  Once diagnosed with a concussion, this document MUST BE PRESENTED TO A PHYSICIAN in order to return an athlete to any participation in FHSAA sanctioned sports.  When an athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, the doctor will need to fill out this document to begin a return to play (RTP) protocol.  The physician will need to sign off on a full return to play once the RTP protocol has been completed (this means two physician visits!).

Post Head Injury/Concussion Initial Return to Participation
AT18 Return to Play Form

Example of the RTP Protocol that will need to be completed by every student returning from a concussion.

at18_return_to_play_2.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Please refer all questions on the AT18 return to play protocol to TBD, Athletic Trainer (TBD)

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