SAHS Athletic Training

Award Winning Student Aide:

Congratulations to SAHS Athletic Training Student Aide Kaylee Poirier for being honored as a 2018 recipient of the American Youth Character Award!

Injury Prevention Series:

ACL Tear Prevention, a good resource to those who would like to train to reduce the probability of an ACL tear.


Detriments of Sports Specialization:

Sport specialization can be detrimental to adolescent athletes due to the constant stress to joints, ligaments, bones, and tendons.  Think twice about having your child participate in one sport year-round.  Multi-sport participation is a great way to allow recovery in some areas, and cross train in other areas of the body.

Click the link below for more information regarding sport specialization and multi-sport participation:


2017-2018 Athletic Training Student Aides:

(pictured left to right): Hartley Atwood, Adrianna Taylor, Natasha Paton, Taylor Meeks, Nyla Pamies, Kaylee Poirier, Brooke Reed, Chloe Morabito


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