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PSAT 2021


The purpose of the test is to give all students an opportunity to experience taking a college readiness test and to identify students who might benefit from advanced coursework.

Most 11th graders take the PSAT to qualify for the National Merit® Scholarship Program. Each year’s PSAT/NMSQT is the qualifying test designated for entry to a particular year’s competition. For example, the 2020 PSAT/NMSQT is the qualifying test for entry to the competition for scholarships to be awarded in 2022. For more information regarding the National Merit Scholarship program please click here.


All 10th grade students will take the test and receive a score report at no charge.

Students in 9th, 11th, and 12th grade must pay a $22 registration fee in order to take the test and receive their scores. REGISTRATION CLOSES ON SEPTEMBER 14TH AT 11:59P.M.

Click here to register your 9th, 11th, or 12th grade student. 

Any SJVS, FLVS, or Home Education student who is zoned for SAHS is welcome to test with us. The cost for all virtual/home-ed students is $22 no matter what grade.  To register for the PSAT, please drop a check off at our front office made out to SAHS. Your check must have a pre-printed address on it, and two phone numbers. On the memo line please include your child’s name, grade, and school (SJVS, FLVS, HomeEd, etc.). The last day to drop off a check is 4:00 pm on September 14th.

This test will be offered during the school day and will begin promptly at 9:20am.

If your child is absent for the PSAT for personal reasons or due to being quarantined, there are no makeup dates and refunds will not be issued.


Students will receive an Official Student Guide to the PSAT/ NMSQT® through their English classes. This guide contains valuable information as well as a full-length practice test with answer keys. Since the Student Guide usually arrives 2 weeks before the test date click here to access an electronic version and begin practicing now.

  • Bring your own calculator. You can’t share one.
  • If you have a calculator with characters that are one inch or higher, or if your calculator has a raised display that might be visible to other test-takers, you will be seated at the discretion of the test coordinator.
  • Only battery-operated, handheld equipment can be used for testing. No power cords are allowed.
  • Don’t bring a brand-new calculator. Bring one you know.
  • Practice for the test using the same calculator you’ll use on test day.


Calculators permitted during testing include:

    • Most graphing calculators
    • All scientific calculators
    • All four-function calculators (not recommended)
    • For a complete list of approved calculators please click here


You are not allowed to use any of the following items as a calculator:

  • Laptops or other computers, tablets, cell phones, or smartphones
  • Smartwatches or wearable technology of any kind
  • Models that can access the Internet, have wireless, Bluetooth, cellular, audio/video recording and playing, camera, or any other smart phone type feature
  • Models that have a computer-style (QWERTY) keypad, pen-input, or stylus
  • Models that use electrical outlets, make noise, or have a paper tape
  • Calculator function on a mobile phone
  • In addition, the use of hardware peripherals such as a stylus with an approved calculator is not permitted. Some models with touch-screen capability are not permitted (e.g., Casio ClassPad).
  • #2 pencils, not mechanical pencils.
  • Calculator (one will not be provided)
  • Water bottles
  • Snack for breaks

Click HERE for the PSAT testing schedule with room assignments. Sophomores, find your English teacher and period and your room assignment will be to the left. All other students testing, you were given your room assignment at the PSAT Pre-Administration Session, but look on the schedule and find your grade and then where your last name falls, your room assignment is to the left of that.

Students will go to lunch from 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm. From 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm students will participate in activities either in the gym or in the stadium. Click here for the complete test day bell schedule.

Students wishing to check out after testing at 1:30 pm will need to complete the attached attendance form and bring it to Mrs. Hunter in the Dean’s Office on Monday, October 11th. Students will not receive early check out passes if forms are brought in after Monday, October 11th. Click here for the PSAT Early Dismissal Form.


Any student who did not pre-register for the PSAT, but would like to take the test should report to the media center by 9:00 am on test morning. Students wishing to test will need to bring a check with them the day of PSAT made out to SAHS for $22, we can’t take cash on PSAT morning. On the memo line, please write your student’s name and grade and include two phone numbers on the check.


Score reports will be available in by mid-December. It is important that students remember the email address they put on their bubble sheet during the pre-administration session as this is the email address they will enter to obtain their score reports. SAHS does not keep a copy of this information. Paper scores will no longer be shipped to schools starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

Please visit for more information.

If you have specific questions not addressed here, please email Ms. Naughton, our Testing Coordinator, at [email protected]