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PSAT 2020: October 14, 2020

PSAT Scores were released December 9th, 2020, online. Paper score reports have not been delivered to the school and at this time we do not have a date from College Board as to when we can expect them. If you would like to access your PSAT score report you will need to log onto the College Board website using the email address you put on your bubble sheet. If you do not remember that email, or experience any problems logging, in please call College Board directly at 1-866-433-7728.

Also, PSAT booklets that students tested with have been delivered to English teachers. Students can ask their English teacher for their PSAT booklet so that when they are reviewing their score report they can have access to the questions. If your English teacher says he or she does not have your PSAT booklet, please see Ms. Naughton for an extra book.