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District Exams

Semester 1 Exams for the 2021-2022 School Year

All courses will have a final or midterm exam at the end of semester 1.

Semester 1 exams will occur between December 16th-21st in classrooms. Final and midterm exams count 10% of the overall grade.

Please click here for the detailed Semester 1 exam schedule.

All Midterm and Final exams will be administered on campus, there is no option to take Final Exams at home.

Make-up exams will be given Tuesday, December 21st from 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm in the media center and again when we return in January. The schedule for make-up exams in January is below:

Thursday, January 6th–1st and/or 2nd period exam

Friday, January 7th–3rd and/or 4th period exam

Monday, January 10th–5th and/or 6th period exam

Tuesday, January 11th–7th period exam

All make-up exams will be given in the cafeteria and begin promptly at 9:20 am, 1st period. If a student does not have a 1st period he/she will need to be on campus by 9:00 am for testing.

No exams will be given early and students are only allowed to take 2 exams per day.

Students will need to bring with them a #2 pencil, as mechanical pencils will not register through the bubble reader.

Please allow up to 48 hours for attendance to be updated to reflect Testing Elsewhere in Building.