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The ACT/NCR is a Non-College Reportable ACT exam that students can take to earn a concordant, or equivalent, score for both the Grade 10 FSA and Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement assessments.

All students who participates in this ACT/NCR experience will be granted triple time on their test in the hope that this will give our students a better chance to acquire the necessary concordant scores for graduation. Students need to earn an average of 18 on the ACT Reading and English sections to satisfy the Grade 10 FSA graduation requirement and earn a 16 on the ACT Math section to satisfy the Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement. However, because these accommodations are not officially approved by ACT, results from this test will not be shared with colleges or scholarship agencies, but can be used for high school graduation requirements. It is worth repeating that the ACT scores earned during a non-college reportable ACT test cannot be used for admissions or scholarship purposes. THIS IS NOT THE ACT TO TAKE IF YOU ARE WANTING TO SEND SCORES TO COLLEGES. 

Students will take the English and Reading sections of the ACT/NCR on Tuesday, October 5th and students who have not met the Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement will take the ACT Math section on Wednesday, October 6th. Testing begins both days promptly at 9:20 am in the Media Center.

If your child is absent for the ACT/NCR for personal reasons or due to being quarantined, there are no makeup dates and refunds will not be issued.

A parent consent form is required in order to take this exam and is due to your student’s Intensive Reading teacher by Tuesday, September 28th. This form verifies that both student and parent/guardian are aware that the ACT/NCR cannot be used for college entrance scores. Please click here for the parent consent form.

Any student interested in this test will need to register on SchoolPay by Thursday, September 16th. The cost is $35.00.

Click here to register your student for the ACT/NCR test. 

If you would like to have practice materials other than what is provided in your child’s Intensive Reading, your child can access the free ACT preparation materials available through the ACT website at

If you have questions regarding the ACT/NCR, please email our Testing Coordinator, Heather Naughton at [email protected]