St. Augustine High School Attendance Policies

Early Release Form
All Day Absence Form
Pre Approved Absence Form

Saint Augustine High School Attendance Policies
Attendance Clerk: Kelly Hunter
Contact: 904-547-8526

 Please refer to the St. Johns County Student Code of Conduct for the District Wide attendance policies.

Use this page as your reference for SAHS attendance policies, forms and point of contact.

Attendance Forms:

  • Early Release Form
  • All Day Absence Form
  • Pre-Approved Absence Form

Early Release, Tardy and Absent information:

A note is required when students return from being absent, tardy, or need to be checked out early from school.  The note must be turned in to the Attendance Clerk no later than 9:15am.

Please use the forms above or a hand written note including:

  • Student’s Full Legal name
  • Student’s birthdate
  • Student’s School id number
  • Reason for absent or early release
  • Legal Parent/Guardian Signature
  • Current Phone Number

Early Dismissal:

  • Leaving early from school, the student must present an Early Release form or handwritten note to the Attendance Clerk prior to the start of school.
  • The Parent/Guardian must come in to the school to sign out the student. Please have I.D. available for all checkouts.
  • For student drivers the attendance office must have a written note with the parent/guardian phone number and signature listed. The Attendance office will call to verify the early check out/drive off campus request.
  • If your student is 18 years or older, a note is still required.
  • We do not accept phone calls or emails for early dismissal. 

** No student should be dismissed after the cut off time. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:15pm and Wednesday 2:20pm). Please plan accordingly.


Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and can have a negative impact on student achievement. At SAHS, students are expected to be on time for class. Those not in their classrooms when the bell rings at the beginning of the period are considered tardy to class.  Excessive tardiness (more than one time per week) will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with the Attendance Dean.

  • Upon arrival to campus, students must sign in through the front office attendance. Students should have a doctor’s note, parent note or tardy form filled out and turned in.  


  • When the student comes back to school, submit to the attendance office a Parent Note, Doctor Note or Absentee Form (found on website or at the front office). WE do not accept emails or phone calls for absences.
  • A note must be turned in within 48 hours of returning to school stating the cause of the absence. Failure to bring in a note will result in an automatic unexcused absence. However, the fact that the student brings in a note does not require the school administration to excuse the absence.
  • In case of a planned absence, college visit or exceptional family need, students must complete the PRE-Excused absence form (found on website or at the front office), 5 days prior to the requested absent date. The student is responsible to have the form filled out by all teachers and approved by the principal.

Excused Absences include the following:

  • Personal Illness
  • Illness of an immediate family member
  • Death in the family
  • Religious holiday of the student’s religious faith
  • Required court appearance or subpoena by a law enforcement agency
  • Special events, including, but not limited to, important public functions, student conferences, competitions, post-secondary educational institution visitation

Unexcused Absences include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Shopping Trips
  • Pleasure trips (vacations)
  • Suspension from school
  • Appointments without prior approval except in case of emergency
  • Truancy
  • Other avoidable absences

Sick While in School:

  • Students are to get a Clinic pass from a teacher when not feeling well.
  • The clinic will contact the parent/guardian to make pick up/dismissal arrangements.
  • Students should not contact their parent/guardian on their cell phone to make dismissal arrangements.

Transportation Services Waiver:

Schools are no longer authorized to issue Bus Passes or instruct bus operators regarding bus ridership or stops. Instead, the Transportation Department is now responsible for issuing provisional Transportation Service Waivers for a specific period due to extenuating circumstances. Parents may apply for this waiver through the St Johns County District web page under the “Transportation Department”. Waivers are not available from individual schools.

If you have any questions regarding an automated voice message or letter that you have received in regards to attendance or attendance information on your Home Access Center (HAC), please contact Dean Ruth Cortes at 904-547-8534.

These Policies are in place to lessen the impact on instructional time and disruption of the educational environment.

**Parents in order to stay consistent and enforce the rules of Saint Augustine High School we need your help and support. **