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Award Winning Student Aides:

Congratulations to SAHS Athletic Training Student Aides, Frankie Sefcik and Kaylee Poirier for being honored as a 2017 recipient of the American Youth Character Award!

Injury Prevention Series:

ACL Tear Prevention, a good resource to those who would like to train to reduce the probability of an ACL tear.


Health Tip of the Month:

Subungual Hematoma:  What is it, and how to fix them

What is it?

A subungual hematoma is a bruise which occurs underneath the fingernail and/or toenail.  After injury, blood accumulates underneath the nail.  The pressure from the blood accumulation is very painful, and can cause the nail to fall off in a few days.

How to fix them:

Within 24 hours from injury, take a needle or unbent paperclip and heat it under a flame.  Once hot, gently place the hot tool to the affected nail.  Light pressure applied will allow the hot tool to burn through the nail.  Don’t worry, nails do not have nerve endings (you won’t feel a thing).  After applying light pressure, you will feel a noticeable “pop”.  This pop means that a hole has been burned in the nail.  Place the tool in a safe place and take a tissue/gauze pad/etc and begin to lightly squeeze the toe.  Blood should come out of the hole.  Once blood stops coming through the hole, cover the area with a bandage and keep it clean to avoid infection.

If you wait longer than 24 hours to burn a hole, the chances of relieving pressure in the nail decrease.  Once the blood is out, and the pressure is decreased, you should begin to feel a drop in pain level.

2016 Athletic Training Student Aides

(Pictured L to R) Caleb Farrell, Kaylee Poirier, Frankie Sefcik, Hartley Atwood, Jenna Holbrook, Taylor Meeks, Natasha Paton, Cassidy Conner, and Kaitlyn Meeks

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