2018-19 Jacket Swimming Expectations


  • Swimmers are to prioritize their schedules based on the following parameters:

#1           Family

#2           Academics

#3          Swimming


  • Swimmers are expected to be on time and prepared for practice daily.
  • Swimmers are responsible to contact the coach if they are absent from practice. If a swimmer misses practice the day of a meet, he will be ineligible to compete that day.
  • Swimmer must participate in all fundraising activities.
  • Swimmers must attend meet in team uniform (Team T-Shirt) on day of meet.
  • Swimmers must ride the bus to all away meets. They are not allowed to drive their own vehicles due to school board policy. If a swimmer wishes to leave a meet with their parent after the competition concludes they must sign out with the coach.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to participate in any other sport activities until the fall season has concluded.
  • In order to earn a varsity letter in swimming, all swimmers must complete the season, participate in the majority of the meets and be in good standing with coach and athletic department.