Jackets Soccer Elements

What makes SAHS soccer unique is what makes America unique.  We’re a proud melting pot of different ideas and cultures and styles, and working together we are better because our strengths complement each other, and we use those to make a team that is better than the sum of its parts. Coaches Andy, Joe and Cody are keenly aware of these differences and how to leverage them for maximum benefit.  Look on the field and you won’t just see a group of young men.   You’ll see a fiery explosion of speed from one player, a cool fluid series of intricate moves from another, the wind racing at the back of a defender, and the solid earth blocking of our goalkeepers.  And even as we see each other’s unique strengths, we click together as gears in a clock, moving as one unit, striking repeatedly with the speed and precision and sting of a yellow jacket, counting up the goals as we count down the time.  Woe be to any team that underestimates the Jackets!