Jackets vs Nease

IT was the roughest and toughest game of the year.  Tempers flared, fouls were called, the boys fought hard, and in the end, the Jackets varsity team came away with their first ever tie game against Nease high school, one of the consistently highest ranked teams in Northeast Florida!  This was one for the record books.

Our boys took on the team that mercied us in years past, and with gut and spirit, pushed as hard as they have all season.  More than 50 penalties were called, red and yellow cards were handed out to both teams, injuries abounded, parents and coaches and players and referees all were tested to the limits of their patience, with several arguments along the sidelines.  This was not a pretty game.  This was not clean and well-mannered.  But in the end, our boys showed they can stand with the best and give as good as they get.  Congratulations, boys, on a hard-fought triumph!