Jackets vs Middleburg Take Two – Mercy

A frigid Northern air had settled in for the evening after an icy weekend, but our boys had on their warm socks and their game faces.  The JV Jackets were scoreless against Middleburg into the fourth quarter, when suddenly they found their feet and managed two goal strikes in the last 15 minutes for a 2-0 win. The field was cleared for the varsity game.

Even down three key players, our Varsity jackets jumped in and started playing hard and didn’t let up for one second.  Coach Andy had only to say the word “First” meaning “First to the ball!” and the boys were already there, taking control of the ball and dominating the game away from the Middleburg team, who had scored six goals against us in their last outing.  Goalkeepers Harry Carey and Trevyr Massey kept the opposing team frustrated through constant vigilance, blocking and removing the few threats that came their way.

After several attempts at goal and basically living the game in Middleburg’s end zone, Eli Hastings smashed the first goal into the top left corner of the net.  Many others followed including Josh Rodriguez, Jack Fleming, Jahleel Richards and Sebastian McBride.  By the half time buzzer we were ahead 5-0.  The fans were ecstatic, but few could have guessed we would go into the second half and come out with an 8-0 Mercy ruling victory with almost 26 minutes left on the clock.  Three goals later, the small crowd loudly shared the victory with the team and coaches.

This was the varsity team’s first mercy win in eight years, and the alarms should be ringing loud and clear for all the area teams.  Get ready, here come the Jackets!